14 Powerful Hair Growth Tips You Should Follow

14 Powerful Hair Growth Tips You Should Follow

Your hair needs the same care as your skin and body. There are many hair growth tips or habits that you need to follow to grow healthy and long hair. Only oiling would not provide healthy hair. The process of healthy hair growth takes time; you will never witness the results overnight. The time taken in hair growth differs for every person. For some people, it can be in weeks whereas, for other people, it can be in months.

Today, I will be sharing 14 hair growth tips that you should follow to have healthy hair and reduce hair loss and breakage. These are natural hair growth tips. Both men and women can follow these tips. You have to at least follow these tips for 3-4 weeks. It might be possible that you will be unable to follow all the habits or tips mentioned below. Make sure you at least follow some of them to get better results.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet means healthy skin and hair. For hair growth, your diet should contain vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc, iron, and protein. The foods you should include in your diet are eggs, green leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts (almonds and peanuts), flax seeds, chia seeds, greek yogurt, and fruits, especially citrus fruits.

Hydrate yourself

Drinking water has many benefits for health, hair, and skin. Drinking enough water helps you to maintain the health of your hair. You should at least drink 2-3 liters of water every day. This habit will help you to maintain strong hair. Dehydration in the body also affects the health of your hair.

Love your hair

The best tip for your hair is to love them. Whatever your hair type is, just take care of it. Don’t practice heat treatments on your hair like permanent straightening, smoothening, etc. Give your hair the time to heal instead of taking stress. Give your hair the nourishment it requires by giving them a spa once or twice a week.

Regular oiling of hair

The most crucial step for hair growth is a regular oiling. Use oil to nourish your hair at least 2 times a week. It provides strength to your head and boosts hair growth. Also, there are plenty of oils available for all hair types and hair problems. So you need to use hair oil for your hair concern.

Suggesting you some hair oils which I have used and have worked really good for my hair. (My hair type is oily scalp and dry mid lengths and ends)

Merit VCO 100% Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

Aroma Magic Castor Oil (couldn’t find the link for this)

Good Vibes 100% Pure Castor Cold Pressed Carrier Oil For Hair & Skin

Vayum Ayurveda Olive oil (couldn’t find the link for this)

Good Vibes 100% Pure Olive Cold Pressed Carrier Oil For Hair & Skin

Massaging your hair

Regular massaging of your hair is as crucial as having a healthy diet. It ensures good blood circulation, which ultimately boosts hair growth. You should massage your hair at least 2 times a week. You can also massage your hair every day without applying oil. For those who might face excessive hair fall after massaging, you don’t have to worry. This is because the resting hair on the scalp might fall during the massaging process.

Apply a hair mask once a week

A hair mask is food for your hair. It helps to provide all the necessary nutrients to your hair. Choose a  hair mask according to your hair problem and hair type. 

Some Homemade hair mask suggestions for you

If you apply ready made hair mask then you can try out some of these best hair masks

Mama Earth Argan Hair mask 

Mama earth tea tree hair mask 

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Wash your hair with lukewarm to cold water

Washing your hair with lukewarm water helps open the cuticle of the hair. It further helps to clean all the dirt and oil from the hair. Using hot water can damage your hair. You should use lukewarm cold water to wash your hair perfectly.

Stop using heat tools and decrease hair coloring

Heat tools can damage your hair in so many ways. It is always better to not use any heat tools in order to maintain healthy hair. Using heat tools occasionally has fewer bad effects on the hair. Stop using hair dryers every day and let the hair dry at the room temperature of your home. Excessive coloring of your hair can damage the hair. It can lead to hair problems such as dryness, frizz, etc. So, it is better to color your hair less frequently.

Do not over-shampoo your hair

Never… Never shampoo your hair more than three times a week. Excessive shampoo can make your hair lose its natural oils and make them weak. While washing your hair, do not use excess shampoo it can also strip off the natural oils from the scalp.

Regular trimming

Regular trimming of hair reduces the chances of getting split ends. Split ends lead to hair loss. Trimming your hair once in one or two months is enough and crucial for the growth of your hair.

Brush your hair once a day

Brushing your hair once a day leads to proper blood circulation in your hair. Good blood circulation ensures healthy hair growth. Irregular brushing of the hair can also lead to knots in the hair, especially long hair, and knots can cause hair breakage.  

Reduce stress

Stress is a reason for hair fall. If you have stress about anything, that can ultimately lead to hair loss. Stress can be the reason for the halt of your hair growth. Hair loss due to stress will grow back but will take time. The time taken for hair growth differs from person to person. It is not easy to reduce stress but at least give it a try for the healthy growth of your hair. 

Use a silk pillow cover

Cotton and polyester are absorbent cloth whereas, silk is non-absorbent or less absorbent cloth. So it is better to use a silk pillowcase at night. It will help to reduce hair loss because silk would not absorb the natural oils from your hair. Silk is a very soft cloth so, it also makes your hair smooth.

Keep your hair open

It is important to keep your hair open once a day. Let your hair breathe for at least 25-30 minutes every day. Also, do not tie tight buns or ponytails, as it causes hair breakage and hair loss.

Good sleep cycle

A good sleep cycle benefits your entire body. Good sleep helps in hair growth as well. It reduces stress which is a concern for hair fall. A good sound sleep at night provides your hair with the essential nutrients and protein for hair. These nutrients further helps to improve the health of the hair and increase the growth of your hair.

These tips are very helpful, and you should make them a habit to see visible differences in your hair. Hair Care is different for everyone because of different hair types and hair problems. So you have to make sure that the tips you follow suit your hair type. 

Frequently asked questions 

Which are the foods that cause hair loss?

If you do not maintain a healthy and proper diet, it can affect your hair growth and might cause hair fall. Excessive junk foods, sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and smoking can cause hair loss.

How long does it take to grow hair?

The time taken for hair growth differs for every individual. For some individuals, the hair growth might take 1-2 weeks whereas, for others, it might take 1-2 months. Following some hair care tips, you will be able to see differences within a month.

How to make your hair grow faster?

Hair growth is a slow process, so it might take time. But a healthy diet, weekly hair mask, good care of your hair, stress reduction, and other habits can boost your hair growth process.



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