25+ Fun things to do when you are bored at home

25+ Fun things to do when you are bored at home

We often feel bored at home and want to do some activities that can cheer up our mood. Doing some fun activities is something that can lift up your mood. Fun activities differ from person to person. For someone, the fun can be having some time with the family or writing something, or learning. Anything can be fun for you. The main goal here is to make your day a little less boring and more enjoyable.

Here I have 25+ fun things to do at home when you feel bored and lethargic. These activities might turn productive for you as well. From these activities, you might gain the energy of getting done with more productive things.

Make a list of things you want to get done with

Making lists is my favorite, and it will be yours too when you actually start making them. Make a list of things you want to get done with, such as scuba diving, underwater swimming, etc.

Skincare, haircare, and body care routine.

Try to maintain a routine for hair, skin, and body. The routines don’t have to be long one having 2-3 steps is enough for beginners. Having such routines can calm your mind and also benefit your hair, skin, and body.

Learn makeup 

Learning makeup can help you in upcoming wedding seasons and occasions. Also, it can be a satisfying and a new experience for you.

Have a self-care day

Having a relaxing self-care day is what you need on a boring day. Light some scented candles, play some music, apply a face mask, watch your all-time favorite movie and have fun.

Make a watch list

Make a list of movies that you have always wanted to watch. Collect the suggestions of all the movies and web series in one place. So that, the next time you feel bored, you have a list of movies that you can watch.

Call friends and family

This is something that we often forget. Call your close ones and talk with them. Ask them about their day, talk about the memories you will have together. We often forget to talk to our grandparents, which is a biggest mistake. Try to call them and have a gossip session with them. 

Play board games

Play some fun board games with your loved ones. You will also get to spend some time with your close ones and playing board games is super fun especially with your friends and family. 

Watch movies

Watch movies that are on your watch list, and you always have been wanting to watch them. You can watch the movies which might inspire you, and you get to learn something from them.

Do something you couldn’t complete

There is always something that we have started and couldn’t complete. You can utilize this time to complete your unfinished task. It can be anything such as knitting, watching a web series, etc. 

Try fluid art 

Trying Fluid art is so satisfying and relaxing. You will learn something new, and it will also rejuvenate your mind.

Try mandala coloring book

Doing mandala art is such a fun activity. I have tried this myself and will recommend you to try coloring mandala books. They are available in plenty, in the local stationery stores. Whenever you are feeling bored, just play some music and color your mandala books.

DIY things

There might be a possibility that you have watched so many DIY videos and never actually got the time to do it. Use this time to make some amazing DIY stuff for yourself.

Write a diary

A lot of the time it happens that we have a lot to share but don’t know with whom we should actually share it. That’s when a diary comes into existence. If you have the habit of sharing your entire day or the things that happened with you then, you can try writing a diary. Pour in all your thoughts and gossips in your own diary.

Have a relaxing shower

Having a relaxing shower can refresh your mind. A refreshed mind will have clear thoughts about what work is pending and what is done.

Paint your nails

Getting bored? Paint your nails. This is such a satisfying and fun thing to do. You can even try different nail art on your nails. 

Make reels 

This is the most amazing thing that I have discovered. Make reels on whatever content you can make, that can be dance, singing, DIY, or makeup. Even if you have a private account on Instagram, make reels and showcase your talent to others.

Do a manicure and pedicure

Having a dull day? Get done with a manicure and pedicure. You can go to a salon or even get a manicure and pedicure done at home. It will relax your entire body. 

Click here for steps to do a Manicure at home 

Click here for steps to do a Pedicure at home

Make an ideas book

Make a book that has all the ideas that come to your mind. It can be any business idea, video ideas, planner ideas, etc. 

Learn cooking

If you love eating, try cooking. I know this sounds a bit tough but try some easy recipes at first. Eventually, then increase the difficulty level. Cooking your own lunch or dinner gives you the essential satisfaction.

Upskill your hobbies

You might have never got the time to work on your hobbies. Use this time to upskill your hobbies that you are passionate about. 

Try new recipes 

 You can witness your ultimate potential in cooking by trying new recipes. Even if you fail, keep trying. You will make a delicious recipe someday.

Learn dancing, singing, or painting

Learn any extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, or knitting. If you already know any of these, you can even try working on your skills and improving them. 

Write a letter to your future self

Write a letter to yourself about what is going on in your life right now and what is inspiring you to be what you are. You can write anything in that letter. And read that letter in the future. 

Learn new hairstyles

When you are feeling bored, you can try different hairstyles. You can watch YouTube tutorials for idea inspiration for hairstyles.

Send letters to friends and family 

This is one of the most wonderful thing that you can do. Just write some letters for your friends and family thanking them or giving them support in hard times. Post those letters and make their day better than usual.

Make a playlist of songs 

It is often noticed that sometimes the songs that you listen to are not according to your mood. For such cases, you can make your own playlist of songs you want to listen to in every mood or occasion.

Make a travel bucket list

Traveling is what we all want to do. You always want or have some cities in mind that you want to visit. Make a list of all such places. So next time when you have a vacation or holiday, you will have a list of places which you can visit.

When you are having a boring day, you would not want to do anything. Just stop being lethargic and try at least some of the above-mentioned activities. You never know, you might really enjoy doing it. Many activities mentioned above are even productive, so with enjoyment, you are also doing something productive. 



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