Easy Steps for a Salon-like Manicure at Home.

Easy Steps for a Salon-like Manicure at Home.

A Manicure is taking care of your hands and nails by removing the dirt and oil. Doing a manicure at home has many steps. But if you get used to it then, it will be easy for you to do a manicure at home. Like your face, your hands also attract dirt, oil and can get tan. So it is important to take care of them.

The products that you use are totally your choice. For a manicure, the essential tools you should have are a nail cutter, nail filer, cuticle pusher, moisturizer, and nail paint remover. 

Steps to do a perfect manicure at home.

I will be sharing with you 11 steps to get a perfect manicure at home for special occasions. If you find it difficult, you can also buy a manicure kit that has all the steps. I personally love to do a manicure at home because that is convenient for me.

Remove the nail paint

The first and most important step is to remove your nail paint using a nail paint remover. If you don’t have any nail paint applied on the nails then also, you should use a nail paint remover. Just take the remover on the cotton pad and rub it through your nails. It also helps to remove the oil and dirt from your nails. Try to use an acetone-free remover with natural oils.

The best acetone free Nail paint removers

Colorbar Nail paint remover 

Kara Nail polish remover wipes

Wash your hands

After removing the nail paint, it is necessary to wash your hands. And clean all the remaining dirt and oil off your nails and hands. You can wash your hands simply with soap and water.

Trims your nails and shape them

If your nails are very long, then you can trim them. It’s totally your decision to cut them or not. After trimming/cutting the nails, use a nail filer to give a shape to your nails. It can be anything round, square, or something in between. After that, you can buff your nails. Do not buff your nails regularly. Buffing your nails once a month is more than enough.

You can use this best Nail filer or you can even buy it from your local store


Push your cuticle

You should always push your cuticle towards the back of your nail instead of cutting them. Cuticles act as a protection for your nails and the skin surrounding the nails. Using the cuticle pusher, push them near the base of your nail. Do not push too hard, do this step with soft hands and really slow.

Soak your hands in hot water

The next step is to soak your hands in hot water. Just take a bowl of hot water and add a drop of shower gel or any essential oil to it. Soak your hands in the water for at least 10 -15 minutes. The hot water helps to get rid of any kind of pain in the muscles. The temperature of the hot water should be less than 40 °C.

Use a gentle scrub

Now you have to scrub your hands. Take a gentle scrub and apply it all over your hand and massage it slowly for one minute. The previous step of soaking the hands in hot water had made it easy to scrub off the dead skin from your hands. You can also use natural homemade scrub. Just mix coffee and honey in equal quantities and add a few drops of coconut oil. Apply this for a minute and wash your hands.

Apply a pack

This step is often ignored, but I feel that applying a pack is important. You can apply any ubtan face pack that you have or make a natural homemade pack. Mix 1 teaspoon of curd with ½ teaspoon of gram flour and apply it all over your hand. You can even add a pinch of turmeric to this pack. Keep this pack on your hands for 10–15 minutes and wash it off using cold water.

Massage your hands

Massage your hands for about 5 minutes using any hand massaging cream. You can even use Aloe Vera gel and use it to massage your hands for 5 – 10 minutes. Do not wash off the cream or gel from your hands.

Apply oil on the nails

There are many cuticle oils available in the market. You have to massage your nails using any cuticle oil. If you do not have cuticle oil, you can even use coconut oil or Vaseline petroleum jelly. Massage it on the nails for at least 2 minutes until the product is all soaked in. This step will ensure healthy and strong nails.

Try this amazing nail and cuticle oil

Vaadi Herbals nail and cuticle oil 

Moisturize your hands

This is officially the last step of your manicure. Just apply a good amount of hand cream all over your hands and nails.

Some of the best hand creams

Plum BodyLovin’ Hawaiian Rumba Hand Cream

mCaffeine Coffee Hand Cream 

Apply nail paint

This is an extra step to make your nails look flawless. Apply a base coat, and then apply a nail paint of your choice. And lastly, top it up with a topcoat.

Voila! You are done with your manicure. You can get a manicure once a month. Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above to have an amazing manicure experience. For healthy nails, a manicure is not the only solution. You should also have a healthy diet, and you should take care of your nails regularly.

You can even try these manicure kits for a better manicure experience

Vaadi Herbals Soothing And Refreshing Pedicure Manicure Spa Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things required for a manicure?

The things required for a manicure are nail paint remover, nail cutter, nail filer, cuticle pusher, a bowl of hot water, massaging cream, cuticle oil, and a moisturizer or hand cream.

Will manicure cause any pain in the hands?

No, a manicure does not cause any pain in your hands. It provides relaxation. If you feel pain in your hands while getting a manicure then you have to tell that immediately to the nail technician. If you are doing it by yourself and it is causing any pain, then it might be a possibility that you are doing it wrong. In that case, you can get a manicure done from a salon.

How many times should I get a manicure done in a month?

Doing a manicure once a month is enough. You can get a manicure even during special occasions.

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