Frequently Asked Questions about Face Packs

Frequently Asked Questions about Face Packs

Are homemade face packs safe to use? 

The homemade face packs are safe to use if you use the right ingredients. There are many cases where a dry skin type uses more drying ingredients. So you have to make sure that your face pack has all the ingredients according to your skin type and skin concern. Homemade face packs are always a better option. For some skin types, natural ingredients might irritate the skin. So it is better to use store-bought face packs for such skin types. 

How to store homemade face packs? 

I would suggest making a fresh face pack every time. But if you wanna store it, then use an airtight container. You can keep it for 48 hours in the refrigerator. 

Does homemade face packs helps to improve the skin?

Yes, the homemade face packs show results and are worth trying. Face packs do not show results in a day. You have to give it some time to see visible results. Apply it twice every week for at least 3 weeks then you might be able to see visible results.

What are the best ingredients for a face pack?

The ingredients of a face pack will be according to your skin type and skin concern. You should use the ingredients according to what your skin needs. Do not blindly use any ingredients. However, you can use Gram Flour, Turmeric, or Aloe Vera in your face packs because these ingredients work well for almost every skin type.

Should I use a face pack on my pimples?

Yes, you should apply a specific mask on your skin with pimples. Using any face pack can damage your skin even more. So use a face pack which is especially, for skin having pimples. If you have severe pimples or acne on your face, then you should visit a dermatologist and use products recommended by them.

Do face packs cause wrinkles? 

When you let your face pack dry for a longer time than recommended, it might cause dehydration on your skin. It can even pull and stretch the skin of your face. It can make your skin very dry, and the skin might get wrinkles and fine lines earlier than expected. 

What if my face tingles after applying a face pack on the skin?

Some face packs might give a little tingling sensation and, that is okay. But, if you cannot bear the tingling sensation, then wash your face immediately and do not try the same face pack again. An unbearable tingling sensation might irritate your skin or cause acne.

How long should you keep the face pack/pack?

You can keep the face pack on your face for 10 – 12 minutes. I always make sure that when I wash my face, the face pack is semi-dry and not completely dry. You should not let the face pack dry completely. This can lead to skin irritation and, your skin might become dry and lose its natural oils.

How to remove the face pack?

Wet your hands and rub them on your face in circular motions it will help the face pack to melt. Then wash your face by splashing lukewarm to cold water on your face. There might be some residue left, so you can use a wet cloth and wipe your face. Then you have to pat dry your face using a towel. Make sure you do not drag the towel on your face but just pat it. 

How often should you apply face packs/packs? 

You can apply the face pack 1 to 2 times a week which is more than enough. You can apply the gel-based mask daily. But you should apply the purifying mask, clay mask, and detox mask only once a week. 

When should you use a face pack?

You can use a face pack anytime as per your need. But I would suggest, the best time to use face packs is at night. At night-time, the skin repairs itself, and the nutrients of the face pack will help to improve the skin. You should apply the face pack one day before a big occasion, as there are some face packs which show better results the next day.

What to apply after a face pack?

After the face pack, you should apply 

Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, and lastly Sunscreen (during daytime)

Do face packs actually do anything good for your skin?

Face packs give a healthy and beautiful glow to your skin. It also helps to cure any skin concerns. It is a crucial step in your weekly skincare routine. Face packs give a boost to your skin. So, face packs are worth it for you to include in your skincare routine.

Can the face pack be applied on our beards?

No, face packs should not be applied to your beard. But you can apply it to other areas of your face; your forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck.

Can we use homemade face packs every day?

No, You should not use any face pack everyday. Apply the pack 1- 2 times a week or at least 4 times a month.

Difference between the homemade face pack and store-bought face pack

Both homemade and store-bought face packs work really well for your skin.

Homemade face packs Store-bought face pack
It is made using ingredients available at home. It is a natural face pack for skin.

You can make a fresh homemade face pack any time. 

You can store a homemade face pack for a maximum of 2 days.

It is a ready-made face pack bought from stores.

These are not fresh but work effectively for the concerned skin type.

We can store these masks for a long period of at least 6 months.

Now for those who don’t have time to make fresh face packs every time, I recommend you to use a store-bought face pack and not use homemade face packs. 

Suggesting some of the best face masks which works wonders for my Skin (slightly oily acne prone skin)

Mama Earth Ubtan Face Mask 

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening And Depigmentation & Tan Removal Face Pack (Even I don’t like that it claims to whiten your skin)

Whichever face pack you apply, make sure it is for your skin type and skin concern. Always check the ingredients of face packs because natural ingredients can also irritate your skin.



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