Neem wood comb: Benefits, Review, and Bursting some actual Myths

Neem wood comb: Benefits, Review, and Bursting some actual Myths


Neem wood comb has been a hot topic in hair care for a long time now. Everyone is either talking about its benefits or how it has widely helped in haircare. Many businesses have introduced their own neem wood combs due to their extra benefits for your hair. 

But now it’s time to actually see if it works for you or not. Because spending more than 100 rs for a comb that doesn’t actually do something good for your hair is just a waste of money.

I recently purchased the neem wood comb and have tried it for more than a month now, and frankly, I have a lot of things to say about it. I can’t comment on every feature but, I can at least tell you a few things about it that you should know. 

First, let’s see what claims a neem wood comb makes. I have taken these claims and benefits from a few popular blogs. I got 14 benefits, which are most common in popular blogs. So, I have decided to tell it to you in a myth or fact manner for your better understanding.

Disclaimer: Whatever opinions, benefits, or problems I am sharing are my personal opinions of the product and its usage. In no way, I am bashing any brand or product; these are just my personal suggestions and not expert advice. 


Myth or Fact 

Fact: Reduces dandruff

I usually get winter dandruff. I have observed less itchiness within the first week of its use. And there was a visible decrease in dandruff, but it wasn’t a complete reduction or cure. So I would use it till next winter to get a detailed review of the product.  

Fact: Reduces frizz

My hair is quite frizzy, and I have been trying new things to prevent or at least reduce it. After using the neem wood comb, I have really seen a difference. But that doesn’t mean it will show results in the first use. Because whenever I use the comb, my hair instantly feels smooth. I think that continuous use will help in reducing frizz.  

Fact: Helps distribute natural oil to the strands

This is something that can’t be visible on the first use or daily use. So it is difficult to comment on this, but I still feel that it has done something good because my hair feels less greasy and more nourished. 

Fact: Tangles and breakage are prevented 

Every regular hair comb does that, and I have hair breakage. It doesn’t really reduce the hair breakage. Again, hair breakage will be reduced by continuous hair care efforts and not just using a comb. Talking about de-tangling, it definitely helps but nothing different from the regular combs.

Fact: No Static

This is so true!! I have seen less static in my hair after using a neem wood comb for about a month. It really helps, and if you have static hair, you must try this out.  

Fact: Not harsh on your scalp 

Yes, this is true. Neem wood comb is really gentle on the scalp and doesn’t even damage your scalp. 

Fact: A step towards sustainable living

It is a big step towards sustainable living because it is way better than your regular plastic combs for your scalp and the environment.  


Myth: Reduces hair fall

No, neem wood comb does not help in reducing hair fall, it might be true in the case where you are also using good hair fall reduction products with the comb, then you might notice a difference.    

Myth: Provides freshness 

It does not provide freshness every time. If you have an oily scalp, then using the neem wood comb will not give the required freshness to your hair. 

Myth: Natural healing benefits

What do natural healing benefits mean? I do have a few boils on my scalp. And after using the comb, there was no difference. So, if it helps with any other scalp problem, then it might be effective.

Myth: Gives your hair a sleek and polished look 

I am not really sure that just a comb can help you get a polished hair look. But if you regularly apply a hair mask, condition your hair, and indulge in hair care, only then it’s possible to achieve a sleek look. 

Myth: Removes dirt 

I think it is a big claim because a comb removing dirt from your hair is something that I can’t digest. And this comb really didn’t help me reduce dirt in my hair. However, the regular shampoo will really help you to remove dirt. 



Promotes hair growth

I feel that hair growth is a process of continuous efforts with regular hair care. It might definitely help you in hair growth, but using just a neem wood comb for hair growth might not be effective. 


Now I know your question, should we really start using neem wood comb… 

And the answer to that is Yes! You should, because even some of its benefits are just a myth that doesn’t really mean it is not effective. It is so much better than your regular plastic comb, and it does not harm your scalp and the environment. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this reduce hair fall? 

Hair fall is a big problem, and why you have hair fall differs from person to person, neem wood comb reducing doesn’t directly help you to control hair fall.

However, using a neem wood comb can help you in dandruff and frizz control, and if those are the reason for your hair fall, then a neem wood comb might be helpful for you.

2. Why is this different from a regular plastic comb?

Normally, we use a plastic comb, and they are harmful to the environment and harsh on the scalp. Also, it doesn’t have any benefits for hair except de-tangling. On the other hand, neem wood comb is really helpful for your scalp and good for the environment, and very gentle on your scalp.

3. Price of the neem wood comb? 

The price differs from brand to brand, but the price range is from rs. 100 – rs.399. 

Sharing some of the best neem wood combs 

The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb

Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Comb, Wooden Comb

Ayan Handmade Natural Pure Healthy Neem Wooden Comb

4. How to use a neem wood comb?

You can use it as a regular comb, once or twice a day. 

5. Does neem wood comb really work?

Yes, it does. However, certain claims are just myths, but, it still is very effective for your scalp and hair. 


Written by: Rashmi Gaur


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