Sheet Mask: Everything you need to know about Sheet Masks

Sheet Mask: Everything you need to know about Sheet Masks

Earlier, there was a craze for sheet masks. Every beauty influencer is talking about sheet masks and their various benefits. It became popular among every skincare enthusiast, let’s know why

What are Sheet Masks? 

A sheet Mask is a thin sheet made of cotton, fibre, or cellulose which has concentrated hydrating ingredients. A sheet mask claims to provide the needed hydration to your skin and this thin sheet gives you hydration for a week. Sounds amazing right? It is a great product for all the dry skin people who lack moisture in the skin. 

Benefits of Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are full of benefits for your skin, especially dry skin people would love sheet masks. Sheet masks are a part of the routine of every skincare enthusiast. People love sheet masks and want to use them daily on their faces and that could be because of their various benefits.  

1. Seals the ingredients 

The serum in the sheet mask has a lot of great ingredients that help you with skin hydration and these ingredients are tightly sealed in the sheet mask. And that sheet mask provides the ultimate care to your skin, the ultimate nourishment that your skin needs. 

2. Allows skin to rest

When was the last time you actually let your skin rest for some time without any stress? Sheet masks can help you with that. Whenever I apply a sheet, I let my skin rest for 15-20 mins and it feels great, refreshed, and rejuvenated.  

3. Brighter and plumper skin

Sheet masks can instantly give you brighter skin. Within 15 mins you get an instant brightness and I think that’s great. But that doesn’t mean that every sheet mask will help you to get bright and plump skin. So you need to use a sheet mask accordingly. 

4. Complete Hydration

A thin sheet mask can give you an instant boost of hydration within 15 mins. I mean that’s amazing, isn’t it! Every part of your skin will feel nourished and hydrated. Some brands even claim to give hydration for one week, and this is a complete bliss for skincare enthusiasts with dry skin. 

5. Helps to infuse the products 

Most sheet masks have the ingredient – butylene glycol which works as an agent which helps infuse the ingredients in the skin. It is a very important ingredient as many skincare enthusiasts use sheet masks and then they apply a moisturizer for the beneficial ingredients to infuse into the skin.

6. Easy to use

It is a very easy-to-use product with so many benefits. You just have to take out the sheet mask from the pack, open it, apply it to your face, and remove it. That’s it, so easy!!   

How to use a Sheet Mask?

Using a sheet mask is very easy, there are just a few steps involved. 

Step 1: Wash your face 

Step 2: Take out a sheet mask from the pack 

Step 3: unfold the sheet mask 

Step 4: Place it correctly on your face 

Step 5: After 15 mins remove the sheet 

Step 6: Use the excess serum on your face or you can even use it on your hands and legs   

Sheet Mask for your Skin type

  • Oily Skin: To prevent the excess oil you should use sheet masks containing charcoal, retinol, or clay and that can help minimize pore size while simultaneously drawing out excess sebum. Fragrance-containing masks should be avoided because they can increase skin irritation.
  • Dry Skin: Sheet masks can be a game-changer for both dehydrated (meaning skin that is lacking water) and dry (skin that is lacking oil) skin. Look for water-based hydration, which includes aloe, water, chamomile, ceramides, peptides, and glycerin.
  • After sun exposure: Hydration is essential after sun exposure. Aloe and glycerine sheet masks are great options for you to use, adding that putting your mask in the refrigerator for a few minutes can help it cool down even more.

Disadvantages of sheet mask

Even though it has a lot of benefits, some disadvantages of sheet masks can’t be ignored. I think if you are spending your money on something then you should be totally aware of its pros and cons before actually purchasing it.  

1. One time use 

The biggest con I feel is one-time use. Sheet masks can be used only once and you have to throw the mask after that Because it can cause irritation with multiple uses. Also, it will not have any serum for second use. Though it is very hydrating and nourishing it is important to consider that paying around 100 or more than that just for a sheet mask which will be used only once…is it really worth it?

What is the solution?

Use serum instead of a sheet mask. Buy a serum that suits your skin type and skin concerns and use it daily.   

2. Not environment friendly

Sheet masks are made of a material that is not good for the environment. And after its use people usually throw it and that makes a great impact on the environment. 

What is the solution? 

Make your own sheet mask!

Today, I’ll show you two ways to make a sheet mask at home  

Step 1: Take a face cloth and dip it into the serum and Voila your face mask is ready. 

Step 2: Make your own serum – Take a few spoons of Aloe vera Gel and mix it with rose water. Dip your face cloth in this and yes! Your instant homemade sheet mask is ready 

You can always wash and use this face cloth again! 

3. Does not help you with any skin concern 

Though sheet masks claim to help you with acne, dullness, etc. But I have never seen a difference in my skin after using such a sheet mask. I feel that sheet masks can help you with instant glow, hydration, and moisturization but nothing more than that. 

Best sheet masks in India 

Sheet mask for Oily Skin 

Garnier Black Pure Charcoal

Sheet Mask for Dry Skin 

Mamaearth Sheet Mask for Dryness Nourishing Brightening

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Fresh Mix Serum Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask for Acne prone skin 

Good Vibes Tea Tree Cleansing Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask for Glowing Skin

The Face Shop Real Nature Glowing Bride Masksheet Combo 

Lakmé Blush & Glow Strawberry Sheet Mask

Best sheet mask combo 

The Face Shop Unisex Combination Skin Mask Sheet Combo 

Good Vibes Sheet Masks Combo

Best compressed sheet mask tablets

MINISO Compressed Mask Sheet



1. Does the Sheet mask work? 

Yes! They definitely work and help you get hydrated and moisturized skin. 

2. How often should you use a sheet mask? 

You can use a sheet mask, once a week for best results.

3. What is the price of a sheet mask? 

The price of Sheet masks varies from brand to brand. But approximately it might cost you around Rs. 60 – Rs. 200.

4. Is a sheet mask expensive? 

Yes, Sheet masks are quite expensive because they can only be used one time.

5. What is the best time to use a Sheet Mask?

The best time to use a sheet mask is before makeup or at night.  




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