COVID: 6 Healthy Habits to fight Corona

COVID: 6 Healthy Habits to fight Corona

Corona is back!! No one can really know when we will get back to normalcy. But one thing that we need to understand is that taking care of our health is our priority. 

We need to take care of our health and ensure that we follow some steps and inculcate that in our daily habits. 

6 healthy tips that you should inculcate in your daily life to save yourself from Corona 

1. A glass of hot water every morning 

A glass of hot water every morning can help you combat normal cough and cold. Try drinking the hot water before brushing your teeth. The germs and bacteria inside your mouth multiply during the night. When you drink water in the morning before brushing, it cleanses your mouth.

2. Wear a mask every day before stepping out 

Even if the cases are fewer in your area or city, still wearing a mask is crucial because you never know when the deadly virus can affect you.

3. Carry sanitizer every day 

You might have lost this habit, but using a sanitizer every 1-2 hours when you are stepping out of the house is important, so make sure you carry it every day for yourself. 

4. Bath after coming back home

While you were out, you don’t know how many harmful germs and bacteria you might have come across. So bathing every day after coming back home will ensure that you are free from harmful viruses. 

5. Eat healthy food 

Healthy food should be a part of your diet. It doesn’t mean that you should never have junk but choose better and choose wisely. Have a balanced diet with healthy and safe food. 

6. Avoid crowded places 

Avoid crowded places as much as you can because there is a lot of risk in crowded places to get the virus. But if that’s something a part of your regular routine eg: Mumbai local train then always have a sanitizer handy and avoid touching your face, stay away from people having a cold or cough. 


It is now very important to take care of your health and maintain strong immunity and for that, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and inculcate a few habits in your daily lifestyle  


Tell me in the comments if you have any extra tips for the readers!


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